Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The lost

The other day i got lost in old memories of high school. Which brought me to thinking of one of my Ex-Boyfriends, and how i still care about him and love him, but i know im not in love with him,. He was always there for me. But i now have my darling husband and im in love with my husband.I love my son and cats. i love my life!!!! But i cant help and think about the lost loves i had and how i still love them, or the lost friends that i no longer talk to but yurn to talk to.

Then my brother returns from Sea sometime soon to a wife that doesnt deserve someone as great as my brother. She is a gold digger and we all know it. I wish my brother realizzed all this..

I wish i could be found in this lost field of roses, every time i get close to being found i get hurt or distracted and turn the wrong way.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Now totally lost

Well, the end of may we got into a car accident. now it is time to fix car. We are going camping this weekend. We are sleeping in a tent :( but it couls be worse. Im excited to see how sage deals with camping.. <3 time to go..