Friday, July 22, 2011


Sage is 6months old. i got married in may.  i want to go back to school. i think thats bout it


I wonder where I would be today had I chose you. Would I be married or single? Would I have my wonderful son or would I not? Would we still be together? I still love you even though I'm with someone else. I love my family but can't help but wonder. I wonder would I be in college? I wonder if you even think about me or wonder what we could have been. I wonder where we drifted apart when we were so close. I miss the hour long phone calls and wonder if you do too. Sometimes I just want to run or walk like we use to. I want your comforting hug when I cry. I just can't help but wonder....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The lost

The other day i got lost in old memories of high school. Which brought me to thinking of one of my Ex-Boyfriends, and how i still care about him and love him, but i know im not in love with him,. He was always there for me. But i now have my darling husband and im in love with my husband.I love my son and cats. i love my life!!!! But i cant help and think about the lost loves i had and how i still love them, or the lost friends that i no longer talk to but yurn to talk to.

Then my brother returns from Sea sometime soon to a wife that doesnt deserve someone as great as my brother. She is a gold digger and we all know it. I wish my brother realizzed all this..

I wish i could be found in this lost field of roses, every time i get close to being found i get hurt or distracted and turn the wrong way.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Now totally lost

Well, the end of may we got into a car accident. now it is time to fix car. We are going camping this weekend. We are sleeping in a tent :( but it couls be worse. Im excited to see how sage deals with camping.. <3 time to go..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Days like today

Well KJ lost his wallet two days ago and now we have to replace everything. I have to drive EVERYWHERE :(. But i got to dye my hiar and its only half done get to finish it tomorrow with my streaks. Sage is asleep im kinda playing the wii and eating. I sit here and look at my baby boy in his crib and wonder where i would be without him then quickly realize i wouldnt want to be with out him..

Friday, May 20, 2011

Catchup of life

4months ago I had my wonderful son. He was born January 14th 2011, He was named Sage Harold James L.He and his daddy KJ are my world. We have 2 cats Taya and Anya. Since Sage was born i've had my life flipped over and back, but its soooo worth it. He is allergic to bananas but loves chocolate. He rolls over and babbles. He amazes me every day.